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Gratitude Secrets – Courtney Taylor

Numerology | Angel Numbers | Healing Crystals

I am a spiritual healer who specializes is numerology, angel numbers, healing crystals, and more. I use my Masters Degree in Social Work to provide guidance and healing.

Over 40 Years Of Numerology & Spiritual Healing Experience

I have spent my entire life learning about numerology, angel numbers, healing crystals, and everything related to spiritual healing. I combine this lifetime of learning about spiritual healing with a formal education in social work to help provide my clients, as well as my readers with the healing they need. You can read some of my customer testimonials to learn more about the benefits I have been able to provide to my clients.

Courtney Taylor – Founder of Gratitude Secrets

Learn About Angel Numbers

Angel numbers have been popular among spiritualists for hundreds of years. These numbers can be signs and messages from the universe that will help you understand the meaning of life and what is needed to successfully make it to the next stage of your life. Learn about some of the most popular angel numbers below.

Most Popular Angel Numbers

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Learn About Healing Crystals

Healing crystals and healing stones have been used for thousands of years by individuals all across the globe. These crystals can have an immense benefit on your spiritual health, physical strength, confidence, mental health, and much more. Take a look through some of our most popular healing crystal articles to learn how they can improve your life!

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