Angel Numbers

Angels send coded messages in the form of numerology or angel numbers. They use universal numbers to communicate, but they mainly wear these numerals as a way to let us know that they’re always watching over us.

Each number has a different meaning that will help us unlock our understanding of who we are and help us figure out why we are on earth.

Constant numbers tend to appear in your day-to-day life, seemingly by coincidence. However, this is because it’s a message from an angel that you are being watched over.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are coded numbers that you will see a lot in your everyday life. It could seem like coincidence, but it isn’t. The angels are always watching over you and they’re trying to guide you on what to do next as well as what choices to make in life.

These codes tend to show up 3-6 times per day for the average person with an open mind, but can show up even more times for those who are aware of what angel numbers are.

Angel Numbers 1-99

We are currently in the process of creating articles that review the meaning of each angel number 1-99 so you will have a better understanding of these numbers.

Angel Numbers 100-999

Angel numbers 100-999 are the set of the most commonly seen numbers in the world. Each of these angel numbers have a significant meaning to your life. Below are the meanings of these angel numbers:

Angel Numbers 1000-9999

Angel numbers 1000-9999 are often seen by those who have more experience in numerology and have studied angel numbers for multiple years. These angel numbers can have a significant impact on the future of your life if you are able to follow their guidance. Below are the meanings of angel numbers 1000-9999:

Why Do Angel Numbers Show Up?

These numbers are what your angels will use to communicate with you. The reason why they do this is because the image of an angel showing up in dreams or even in person could frighten you. It’s much easier to get a point across because people don’t expect it when there are just numbers, but if you are aware of the meaning of angel numbers then you will begin to see them everywhere you go. You will begin to be able to understand what your angels are trying to communicate to you about your life and the meaning of your life.

How To Know If They Are Real Angel Numbers

There are many ways to know what is an angel number and what is not. One of the most popular methods for knowing what is an angel number or what isn’t is by what it makes you feel. For example, if you see a certain amount of numbers over and over again, say 10:14 and then find out that it was on your mothers birthday or someone else’s birthday who has passed away in your family, then they could very well be from angels. Another way to tell what is real about these numbers are what you find when you look up the significance of what they stand for. What I mean by this is that if you have seen a random digit combination and found out that this particular angel number is relevant to your life, then this could be an angel number.

How To Find Your Angel Number

In order to find your angel number you must first be aware of the different meanings of the most popular angel numbers. Once you have a basic understanding of angel numbers, you will begin to realize when you see them in everyday life. And once you begin seeing angel numbers in your life, you will begin to understand what the universe is trying to tell you. So in order to find your angel number you must understand what angel numbers are, what they mean, and then begin to keep your eye out for them in everyday life.

Can My Angel Number Change Over Time?

Yes, your angel number may change over time as you progress through life. The truth is that once we have committed to a number, the universe will work with what we draw to us. But what does it mean when your angel number changes? It means you are changing too and what you were drawn to initially may no longer be what you are meant for later in life.

Based on what your angel number is, this may happen sooner or later so don’t worry if your number seems to change quickly. No need to worry about what’s coming next because your guardian angels will help guide you through it all. And even if they don’t give specific information about what changed them, always remember that every change comes with lessons along the way.

Are Angel Numbers from God?

There are some who believe that angel numbers come directly from God. It’s what I believe and what many others who practice numerology as a spiritual tool, believe. Other people say the numbers come from their angels but still use them as a stepping stone to connect with God. And then there are some who think they can control what comes out of their angel number readings or even what is sent their way because it is simply just coincidence. Others don’t believe in God but believe that angel numbers are messages directly from the Universe. Nobody will ever know for sure, but it is important to learn more about angel numbers and then begin to form your own spiritual beliefs.