Reiki Energy Healing Misconceptions & Myths

Reiki and energy healing has been around for thousands of years but still to this day there are plenty of misconceptions and myths that get passed around by individuals who don’t have much experience with the industry. This comes from a lack of understanding and experience with this form of medium. But we are here today to help you learn about Reiki and energy healing misconceptions & myths.

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Most Common Energy Healing Misconceptions & Myths

There are numerous misconceptions and myths about energy healing and Reiki. Some myths are more common than others and you might see them shared on social media by individuals who have never experienced energy healing or don’t have much experience within the intuitive healing space. We are here to dispel and disprove these misconceptions!

Myth 1: Reiki Is A Religion or Cult

This myth typically comes from individuals who are nervous around religion or groups. Reiki and energy healing do have a connection with spirituality and the spiritual journey and individual will travel down, but it doesn’t have any connections with any religions or religious organizations. There are no Reiki churches, ministries, or any other form of religious organization. There is no connection between Reiki and religion. The industry is filled with practitioners who are all independent teachers and thinkers.

Myth 2: Energy Healing Is Witchcraft

This myth is extremely outdated but is still passed around once in awhile on social media. Reiki and energy healing has no connection or correlation to witchcraft or any form of negative spirits. This misconception is often confused because of fictional books, movies, or other forms of media that aren’t related to Reiki.

Myth 3: Reiki & Energy Healing Is A Cure All

Reiki and energy healing can be incredibly powerful and can provide relief and aid in many different aspects of your life. But it is important to note that this shouldn’t be thought of as a replacement to modern medicine and professional medical advice. You should continue to listen to the recommendations of your doctors and medical professions and use energy healing as a supplemental form of relief.

Myth 4: Reiki Is Just A Massage

Although Reiki can contain light touch during the guided experience, it isn’t classified as a massage because it used energy massage techniques compared to physical massage techniques. There are some practitioners who will utilize standard massage techniques within their guided practice but the two are not the same. Reiki and energy healing focus on chakra, negative energy, angel numbers, healing crystals, and overall life force energy compared to just physical touch.

Myth 5: You Only Need One Reiki Session

There are some individuals who believe that you only need one Reiki session or energy healing session in order to achieve healing effects and relieve. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Reiki healing is an ongoing process and should be done on a consistent basis for the best results. The frequency in which you receive sessions will vary from person to person. Learn more about booking a Reiki session for more personalized advice.

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