Pink Tourmaline Meaning & Healing Properties

Pink tourmaline is one of the most widely used type of tourmaline crystals for spiritual healing. It is also known as the “Stone of Love”. Everyone can use it, whether they are a healer or someone who loves crystals and wants to have more positive energy. In this article we will talk about the healing properties and true meaning of pink tourmaline.

What Is Pink Tourmaline?

Pink tourmaline is a type of quartz tourmaline crystal that comes in a pink color. It is also known as the “Stone of Love” because it is believed to attract love and positive energy, which can greatly benefit people who are going through tough times emotionally or spiritually. Pink tourmaline crystals have been used for spiritual healing by many cultures throughout history, including Native Americans and Tibetans. In fact, they believe this stone holds sacred power from the Earth herself!

Pink tourmaline is commonly worn on jewelry but also kept around the house by those who are looking to benefit from it’s healing properties. It is also believed to protect the wearer from negative energy and help them stay focused on their goals.

This stone has become more popular in recent years for it’s metaphysical properties, however pink tourmaline crystals have been known about since ancient times! Some of the first mentioning can be found in writings by none other than Marco Polo (who was one of the very first Europeans to discover Pink Tourmaline). He discovered this crystal while traveling through Asia during medieval times. This beautiful crystal would quickly find its way into jewelry shops across Europe where it became extremely popular with royalty who wore it as a symbol of status and power.

Pink Tourmaline Meaning

The meaning of pink tourmaline is similar to that of the traditional tourmaline crystal. This stone is known for its ability to heal and protect by balancing energy in one’s life. Pink tourmaline is known for its ability to influence your love life. You can use this crystal to attract love or help heal a broken heart. Pink tourmaline is also known for its ability to increase your self-esteem and enhance one’s creativity.

Pink Tourmaline crystals are often referred to as the “Love Stone”. This stone has been used throughout history as an aid in different types of therapies, including those that deal with mental well being. One of these mental health applications involves individuals who experience anxiety disorders such as social phobia (social anxiety). In addition, pink tourmaline is popularly used by therapists during hypnotherapy sessions because it stimulates brain activity which helps people remember their dreams more effectively so they can gain insight into whatever issues they may be dealing with on a subconscious level.

Pink Tourmaline Healing Properties

Pink tourmaline has a variety of different healing properties that make it different from other stones. One of the most important ones is its ability to aid with spiritual growth and deepening your connection to yourself, as well as others and nature. It’s also great for relieving stress which many people deal with on a regular basis nowadays – especially those who live in big cities or work long hours at their desk jobs where they’re stuck inside all day without any way of getting out into nature.

The pink tourmaline meaning can be summed up by saying that this stone helps us tap into our own inner power so we no longer need fear anything around us because we know that everything will always work itself out regardless of what happens through positive affirmations and meditation with these crystals.

What Is Pink Tourmaline Good For?

Pink tourmaline is good for those who are struggling with depression and anxiety because these crystals will help to naturally boost the serotonin levels in our body which is responsible for making us feel good about ourselves.

These pink tourmaline meanings can also be used for those who are introverted or shy since it helps them to come out of their shell and become more confident individuals, allowing them to get rid of negative thought patterns that may have been holding them back from achieving things like success at work or finding a life partner.

Pink tourmaline has been known to help with relationships and love which makes it one of the most popular healing crystals in the world. This is because it has properties that help to heal the heart which can be beneficial for those who are going through a hard time with their significant other.

Many people choose pink tourmaline meaning as an engagement ring or wedding band since this stone helps to bring balance into relationships and make them stronger by laying some of the groundwork needed in order to learn how to communicate better with your partner without drama, stress, anger or annoyance getting in the way.

Another important thing about these beautiful crystals is that they will encourage you to become more organized on both mental and physical levels which makes it easier for you to get rid of any self-sabotaging behaviors that may have been holding you back from achieving your goals thus far. This includes things like improving the way that you eat and maintain your personal hygiene.

Another important use of these stones is that they will encourage you to become more open-minded towards any changes that may be taking place in your life, whether it’s related to a new job or living situation. The Tourmaline meaning also includes the fact this stone encourages one to take responsibility for their own happiness and not rely on another person in order to feel fulfilled enough to love themselves unconditionally.

One last thing worth mentioning about Pink Tourmalines are that they can help people who have anxiety issues by giving them confidence when speaking up at work meetings which helps them succeed socially while remaining true to their inner voice within instead of just being someone else’s puppet with no opinion of their own besides what others tell them to do.

How To Cleanse Pink Tourmaline

It is important to learn how to cleanse your pink tourmaline crystals to remove any negative energies that may still remain within them.

To cleanse your Pink Tourmaline crystals, you can place the stones in a bowl of sea salt and water overnight so the energy from the crystal will be infused with all those protective properties we just mentioned earlier. Then to clear away any leftover negativity, you should bathe each stone under running tap water while visualizing anything bad or harmful leaving it’s body into the drain where is belongs until they are completely cleansed and ready for use again.

It’s important to completely dry your crystals before using them again.

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