Tourmaline Crystals Meaning & Healing Properties

Tourmaline is a healing crystal that is most commonly found in black, green and pink colors. It belongs to the quartz family of crystals and can be identified by its unique multicolored color banding that appears inside the crystal with a strong vibration. In this article you will learn about the healing properties of tourmaline, the history of the stone, and the different types of tourmaline crystals.

The History of Tourmaline Crystals

Tourmaline crystals have a long and storied history. First mined in Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka) as early as the 1500’s, tourmaline was originally mistaken for rubies and sapphires which were not able to be found on that island at the time. Tourmaline is named after an explorer named Anders Theodor von Tours who first noted its differences from other gemstones during his travels through Europe at around 1820 AD. It wasn’t until 1847 when George Kunz visited Ceylon that tourmalines true identity was revealed due to their unique properties of attraction towards a magnetic field.

Tourmaline crystals have quickly become a popular stone for healing and metaphysical work. They are said to have both physical and emotional properties that help people when they are in need of some extra support. Tourmaline is often used as a meditation aid because its grounding energy can promote focus, awareness, confidence, clear thinking, creativity & courage.

Tourmalines form in prismatic crystal systems with hexagonal axes which makes them very unique from most other gemstones out there today. Not only do tourmaline crystals display this distinct formation but each individual type of tourmaline has different colors ranging between black, brownish-black or simply dark gray all the way up to bright pink or green depending on where it was mined at around the world!

Meaning of Tourmaline Crystals

Tourmaline crystals are known for providing their wearer with grounding energy, which is perfect for someone who may feel too energetically sensitive or out of touch with their body.

Tourmaline crystals are also great stones to wear if you want some more motivation in your life as they help promote focus, awareness, confidence & creativity! These tourmalines can be especially helpful when trying to manifest certain things into reality and will encourage you to take action towards what it might be that you’re wanting! They’ll give your thoughts a little boost while helping them further develop and grow since these vibrations from the tourmaline crystal resonate within the mind itself. Even though this stone does work on our mental faculties by improving concentration levels and promoting clear thinking – we must acknowledge how much responsibility we have over our own success and productivity.

For example, tourmalines will help you form new ideas while also helping to strengthen your memory and improve recall. However, you can’t just place this gem on the table hoping for it to do all the work! Instead, one must dedicate themselves towards their goals in order to manifest them into reality. Without that drive within our own beings – these stones are not going to be able to magically change things or substitute hard labor behind-the-scenes before anything is achieved.

Tourmaline Crystals Healing Properties

Tourmaline crystals are know for their healing properties and abilities to help you release negative emotions and thoughts. They can also be beneficial for those who are dealing with fatigue, stress, chronic pain, addictions such as smoking or alcohol addiction – just to name a few!

Tourmaline crystals work by using their ability to absorb any harmful energy that is directed towards them. For example: if you were feeling angry while holding on tourmaline crystal in your hand; the stones would take all of that anger into its own being until it was completely saturated with the negativity within yourself before releasing it back out into the universe without leaving any trace behind. This way one’s stone does not become overwhelmed with your feelings but instead only absorbs whatever they need at that moment which lets individual stay in control of themselves during difficult times in their life.

Different Types of Tourmaline Crystals

There are multiple different types and colors of tourmaline crystals. The color of tourmaline can range from pink, watermelon colored, or even black. The healing properties of tourmaline are based on the color you choose to work with. This article will go into more detail about each type of tourmaline crystal and what they are used for in their own section below.

Below are a few of the most common colors of tourmaline crystals:

What Is Tourmaline Used For?

Tourmaline is used for a wide variety of different things. These crystals can be used for physical healing, as well as spiritual and emotional healing too. It is believed that tourmaline will open up your chakras which in turn allows you to move through life more easily on all levels – emotionally, spiritually & physically. Tourmaline has a been used for centuries to help improve and protect your mental and spiritual health.

Tourmaline has a very unique crystal structure, which is what makes it so powerful. There are not many stones that have the same properties as tourmaline does. The best thing about these crystals is they can be used for every chakra in your body, allowing you to receive full-body healing benefits from the stone.

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