Snowflake Obsidian Meaning & Healing Properties

Snowflake obsidian has become of the most popular types of obsidian crystals. The crystal is known for unique its snowflake pattern as well as its healing properties. In this article we will talk about the meaning of this crystal, it’s history, as well as what it is good for.

What Is Snowflake Obsidian?

Snowflake obsidian is a type of obsidian that has a snowflake-like pattern. It is also known as “waterfall” or “sheen obsidian”. When volcanic magma comes into contact with water, it cools extremely quickly and forms this unique crystal pattern. This results in the formation of crystals which have different shapes including needles, plates, tubes and many more patterns. Snowflake Obsidian can be found all over the world but especially India and Hungary are well known for its deposits .

Snowflake obsidian has a strong grounding effect because of its supportive energies that allow us to deal with our issues in an uplifting way. It helps manifesting ideas into reality by bringing clarity on what’s important for you at this time . By focusing on your desires, making plans to achieve them and acting accordingly, snowball obsidian will help you turn dreams into concrete actions. This stone will support any efforts made towards personal growth as well as success in business ventures. Its stabilizing energy also makes snowflake obsidian very helpful when going through stressful times in life.

Snowflake ​Obsidian Meaning

The meaning of the snowflake obsidian is in itself very powerful. This stone is known to have a deep connection with the earth’s energy and bring stability in life, especially during times of change or when one might feel lost. It can help us embrace our shadow sides by providing an understanding on why they exist, allowing you to better deal with them without getting overwhelmed by negative emotions. Snowflake obsidian will also connect you with your own intuition, helping make decisions easier even if it means having to go against social conventions!

This crystal has properties which are common among most types of obsidians including its ability for self-healing. By stabilizing emotional issues that may be causing imbalance in physical health snowflake obsidian helps achieving inner peace. It assists in dealing with stress, panic, anxiety, and any other emotionally exhausting experience you may be going through.

What Is Snowflake ​Obsidian Good For?

The snowflake obsidian crystal is good for self-healing, helping you connect with your intuition and inner peace. If you are struggling self esteem issues, anxiety, depression, self doubt, stress, or many other issues, then the snowflake obsidian could be a great healing stone for you.

The snowflake obsidian is associated with the root chakra (also known as Muladhara) and its balancing, cleansing properties can benefit all of your chakras. The energy coming from this stone will help you to understand that sometimes things happen for a reason or because it is meant to be in order to balance out some other aspect in life. For instance if something has been occurring throughout your life such as pain, then there may be an imbalance within you that needs correcting which could result in nothing more than a bad experience but through that experience will come awareness and understanding leading towards healing.

How To Cleanse Snowflake Obsidian

It is important to learn how to cleanse snowflake obsidian in order to increase the positive energy that comes from it. One of the best ways is through using moonlight because this will not only cleanse but charge your snowflake obsidian with all kinds of different energies and vibrations too.

The best time to do this would be when you see a crescent or new moon, simply sit down somewhere comfortable outside where you can gaze up at the sky for about fifteen minutes without being disturbed by anyone else around you who may disturb your concentration which could result in negative thoughts clouding over any kind of positivity coming from within.

Once these 15 minuets are complete place your crystal on top of some paper next to yourself, then get hold of another piece if paper placing it over top of the stone you are cleansing. Then all you need to do is simply trace over the stone with a pen, don’t worry if your energy isn’t that strong as this doesn’t have much of an effect on the cleansing process. Once you are done tracing take away the top piece of paper and look down at what has appeared onto it, one image will appear which represents whatever negativity was taken out from within.

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