Green Obsidian Meaning & Healing Properties

Green obsidian has become of the most popular types of obsidian crystals. This stone is known for its beautiful green color but also known for its powerful healing properties. In this article we will talk about the healing properties of green obsidian crystals as well what it is good for.

What Is Green Obsidian?

Green obsidian is a type of obsidian in which the color comes from various mineral inclusions. The most common green stones are green and black but some specimens can be cream or brown-green. The exact color of this obsidian stone will vary depending on how it was formed.

Green obsidian is known for its beautiful, bright color that often resembles jade. It’s also one of the more affordable varieties on the market today so you don’t have to worry too much about budget when investing into this specific stone.

Green obsidian is known to be a very spiritually powerful stone. It’s one of the rare stones that can provide you with strong protection against negative energies, so it would definitely come in handy if you are sensitive to psychic attacks or have some paranormal activity at your doorstep. Some people also use green obsidian as an alternative for black onyx because they believe that this type of crystal provides them with more positive energy than its darker counterpart does.

This particular variety of quartz has been used by many cultures throughout history and was widely believed to possess magical properties back then too. Many healers who practice natural medicine today still recommend using green obsidian stones during their treatments because they found it can be beneficial for spiritual and mental healing.

Green Obsidian Meaning

The meaning of the green obsidian crystal is very positive and optimistic, partly because of its color. As green is the combination of all colors in the spectrum of visible light it has a very powerful symbolism that represents life itself as well as natural beauty and fertility. Additionally, this type of obsidian stone was thought to have been formed from solidified tears which makes people believe that green obsidian also helps them feel sadness they need to express more freely without feeling ashamed about their feelings.

What Is Green ​Obsidian Good For?

The green obsidian stone is good for those looking for peace and harmony. It helps bring balance to the mind, body & spirit as well as help with general wellness of life. Additionally, this type of obsidian stone was thought to have been formed from solidified tears which makes people believe that green obsidian also helps them feel sadness they need to express more freely without feeling ashamed about their feelings.

Green Obsidian is a very helpful healing crystal because it cleanses negative thoughts and actions while bringing in positive energy at the same time. This beautiful green gemstone can be used on all chakras – crown chakra (for good mental health), third eye chakra (helps see situations clearly), throat chakra (to speak one’s truth) heart or solar plexus chakra to help individuals to be better leaders, and the root or base chakra (to ground oneself).

People who are interested in this stone will find that it is very easy to work with because of its smooth surface. However, if they want to utilize green obsidian for spiritual purposes then people need to do so only after clearing their gems first otherwise it can bring about negative results instead. Green Obsidian is associated with the planet Venus – which represents love, inner beauty as well as harmony – therefore those individuals who have these traits should also associate themselves with green obsidian too!

How To Cleanse Green Obsidian

It is important to learn how to cleanse green obsidian stones because these stones are naturally occurring and therefore they have absorbed negative energy throughout their existence. Green obsidian can hold this negativity within them for a very long time, which is why people should consider cleansing it before using it for any sort of spiritual work or healing purposes!

There are many different ways that individuals can go about cleansing green obsidian gems. One popular method is to leave the stone outside in the moonlight overnight so that the rays of light from our natural satellite will purify its contents through exposure on an energetic level. Another option would be to bury your stones at least one foot under ground until you feel as if all of its energies have dissipated before taking them back up again once more; however some alternative practitioners believe burying your crystals can be too time consuming and can cause issues with your crystals.

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