Blue Obsidian Meaning & Healing Properties

Blue obsidian has become of the most popular types of obsidian crystals. This type of obsidian is typically blue or black and can even have a greenish, turquoise shine to it. Blue obsidian is know for its spiritual healing properties and in this article we will teach you everything you need to know about this type of crystal.

What Is Blue Obsidian?

Blue obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that has been known to form when hot magma cools very quickly. This can happen when the flow of lava in an eruption, or stream flows into water. The rapid cooling causes light-weight crystals in blue obsidian to grow rapidly resulting in the beautiful patterns and colors we see today which are typically dark blues with lighter turquoise blue veins running through them. Blue obsidian is known for it’s beautiful blue color and it’s ability to reflect the light in a unique way.

Volcanic glasses are created when molten rock or magma containing silicon dioxide cools quickly forming crystals. This rapid cooling causes the formation of “quench” crystals which can form into interesting shapes resulting in beautiful patterns within some types of volcanic glass such as blue obsidian. These quench crystals grow at faster rates than other crystalline minerals creating a unique look for these stones known by many collectors today. The most common colors range from black, dark brown/gray with lighter blues mixed throughout giving it an overall turquoise appearance due to its high silica content.

Blue Obsidian Meaning

The blue obsidian meaning is linked with the attributes of water and air. It can be used to help you find your personal truth, inner peace, intuition, clear communication & enhance psychic abilities. This stone is best known for its ability to give insight into past lives or future events that may occur in this current life time helping you make better choices about your life path moving forward.

Blue obsidian stones are used by many individuals to remove negativity and replace it with positive energy. Like all other forms of obsidian stones this form carries within itself messages from ancestors passed down through generations encouraging us to follow our hearts & trust our intuition so we do not repeat mistakes made by those before us.

The blue obsidian meaning is also associated with the throat chakra (communication) as well as the third eye (intuition). This stone can be used to help one express their thoughts more clearly, find their true voice and understand how past events affect them today. It has a distinct vibration that will guide you towards your authentic self helping you become more mindful of who you truly are on a soul level and not just what others expect from you/want for you in life.

What Is Blue Obsidian Good For?

Blue obsidian crystals are good for emotional and spiritual healing. It can help you find closure in relationships that have ended, helping you to move on from the past and face your future with an open heart. Blue obsidian is also great for meditation as it will give insight into difficult situations.

If you are going through a difficult time in life, this stone will help you to discover the deep emotional issues that are affecting your well-being. It can also be helpful when trying to overcome addictions and other self-destructive behaviors because it has strong purifying qualities; helping you release old baggage that is holding you back in all areas of your life (emotional, physical, mental etc.)

Since blue obsidian crystals have a very distinct vibration they can clear away negative energy from an environment or person leaving them feeling refreshed and renewed with positive chi again.

How To Cleanse Blue Obsidian

It is important that you learn how to cleanse your blue obsidian crystals on a regular basis so that they can continue to work effectively for you. If not cleaned regularly, the energy of blue obsidian crystals will become stagnant and ineffective which is why it’s important that you learn how to cleanse them on a regular basis.

To cleanse blue obsidian you can use a large bowl of water and place the crystals into it. You can then add sea salt or Himalayan pink rock salt to the bowl and allow the blue obsidian crystals to soak in this mixture for about an hour.

Afterwards, you will need to wipe down each crystal with a clean cloth until all salt residue has been removed from them. It is important that you do not use soap when cleaning your blue obsidian stones as they contain oils within their structure which can be washed away by detergents such as soaps. Once cleaned you should store them somewhere where they won’t come into contact with other objects because this may contaminate them again if done regularly over time since these oil residues are hard to remove completely once contaminated.

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