Obsidian Crystals Meaning & Healing Properties

Obsidian is a type of volcanic rock that has been used throughout history for its healing properties. It’s meaning varies depending on the color, but it primarily means grounding and protection. This article will teach you everything you need to know about obsidian healing crystals.

The History of Obsidian

Obsidian has been around for a very long time and is one of the first rocks to be used for its healing properties. It’s still being used today by many people as a grounding stone, which can help with emotional issues such as anxiety or depression.

It was once believed that obsidian could form in a single night when lightning struck the earth; it also had magical powers because of this belief. The Aztecs even created weapons out of obsidian believing they would gain power from them if they were able to slay an enemy during battle. They called these spears “Tlacochtli” (Obsidian).

The Mayans actually created mirrors made entirely out of obsidian stones where they looked into them while performing rituals and ceremonies before going off to war.

Obsidian is made from magma that cooled very quickly, as a result obsidian crystals have sharp edges and come in many unique shapes. It is considered to be an “extrusive rock” as it was formed by magma that erupted out of a volcano and didn’t form underneath the earth’s surface.

Meaning of Obsidian Crystals

Obsidian crystals can have a variety of different meanings and healing properties depending on the type of obsidian. The most common meaning behind obsidian is protection, grounding and shielding from negativity. Obsidian can also be used to remove energy blocks as well as amplify spiritual energies.

This particular stone will help you move forward in your life while letting go of any negative attachments or bad habits that are no longer serving a purpose for you. This powerful protective crystal has been known throughout history for its ability to provide insight into difficult situations where it’s needed the most by helping us get rid of our fears so we can overcome them once and for all.

Obsidian crystals have extremely high vibrations which makes this an excellent tool when working with low vibrational things such as fear, anger, resentment, and other negative energy emotions. It’s also a great stone for grounding and protection which is why it can be an effective protective crystal to use during astral travel, shamanic journeys or any other form of spiritual journeying.

This powerful gemstone has been used by many different civilizations throughout history as well as in more modern times because of its ability to provide insight into difficult situations where guidance is needed the most. It’s no wonder this rock is considered “the traveler’s stone” since it provides peace and comfort while carrying you through life with courage and confidence. One way people like to use obsidian crystals when they’re doing their spiritual work such as meditation or spellwork is by placing them on the third eye chakra (or brow) area before starting your practice.

This type of crystal has traditionally been used for protecting one’s self from negativity by absorbing it into the obsidian stones. This is why many people have them placed on their altar or wear them around their necks as an amulet to ward off bad things that might happen to someone they care about or themselves if they are away from home for too long. If you carry around some obsidian crystals with you at all times then there will be no need to worry about negative energies affecting your life because these stones will absorb everything just like a vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt!

Different Types of Obsidian Crystals

There are many different types of obsidian crystals that are available to purchase online or in stores. The most common type of obsidian is the black obsidian stone which has a jet-black color with very little shine, if any at all. Many people prefer this dark colored crystal because it looks more natural and they actually want their crystals to look like they have been out in nature for thousands of years without being polished!

However, other types of obsidian that are also popular include rainbow obsidians which are translucent rather than opaque so you can see through them comfortably when holding them up against the light, red fire obsidian rocks which contain bright orange patches within clear glassy substance, white snowflake obsidian which has white patterns on black stones too, as well as multiple other types of obsidian.

Each different color of obsidian crystal will have a different meaning and healing property. Below are the most popular types of obsidian healing crystals:

What Is Obsidian Used For?

Obsidian is most commonly used for its protective healing properties. Black obsidian is a popular stone that helps protect the wearer from negative energy and entities by grounding them. This allows you to be protected in many situations such as when traveling, going out in public, psychic work, etc.

Black Obsidian stones can also help with past life recall due its strong connection to planet Saturn which strengthens our deep memories of the Soul’s journey through time and space during this incarnation. The black color of these crystals connects us back to old world shamanic practices for contacting deep ancestral wisdom within dreams or journeying into other realms during meditation or prayer times. It offers insight into your soul purpose here on earth at this present stage in your life cycle too!

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