Angel Number 444 Meaning & Spiritual Symbolism

Have you noticed that you keep seeing the number 444 everywhere that you go? This could be a sign that your guardian angels are trying to send you a message. This commonly happens when you are in a dark place in your life or when you are seeking guidance in your life. But are you open to listening to the messages that your angels are trying to tell you? Today you will learn about the meaning of angel number 444 and the benefits angel numbers can have on your life.

What Does Angel Number 444 Mean?

Angel number 444 means that there is a vibe of ambition and calmness in the universe. This number is a known sign from your guardian angels that your prayers and calls for help have been heard. It is common to see the 444 when you are hitting a rough time in your life. Many individuals around the world will typically see this number when they are struggling with direction.

This could be when you are lost, when you are struggling with depression or anxiety, or just need a helping hand. If you are facing a stressful time in your life, the universe will send you this number as a sign to help restore calmness and ambition into your life.

Everyone will hit a time in their life where they are lacking ambition or they don’t have the calmness that they wish they had. This can be caused because of tough personal issues such as a loss of a relationship, illness in the family, or can come from a variety of different issues such as loosing your job at work. There are so many different things that can happen in your life that will cause you to hit a rut. And often times when your life is in a low patch you will begin to see the number 444 everywhere that you go.

What Is Angel Number 444? And It’s History

When you are constantly seeing the same number over and over again it typically means that you are seeing an angel number. An angel number is a form of energy from the universe that is attempting to tell you a message or a warning. It can be difficult to understand what this energy is trying to tell you. But if you have an understanding of angel numbers then you will have a better chance of understanding what the universe’s energy is trying to tell you.

If you are wondering what this number means for your life or why you keep seeing the number 444, then it means that your guardian angel is trying to tell you that you must stay positive because your messages have been heard. The universe provides you with multiple guardian angels as your progress through life, but it is your responsibility to listen to these angels.

If you keep seeing this number then your guardian angel is trying to tell you to stay calm as well as to stay ambitious during this difficult time of life. It is vital to follow the advice of your guardian angel as they try to help guide you through your journey in the universe.

Angel Number 444 Symbolism

Angel number 444 has many different secret meanings and has many connections to symbolism. The first being that the angel number 4 is known to represent the four natural elements on earth – air, earth, water, and fire. This connection with earth’s energy leads into the second representation of symbolism which is that the angel number 4 is also known to represent wisdom and self honesty. During difficult times in your life it is important to be honest with yourself and to use the wisdom you have developed to navigate out of difficult situations.

When you see the angel number 444 it means that your guardian angel is attempting to tell you that you must be honest with your self in order to get out of the difficult situation in order to restore calmness and your ambition back to your life. Everyone goes through difficult times in there life but you must stay positive and trust your angels in order to get out of this stage of your life.

The angel number 444 also signifies the 4 directions of the world – east, west, north, and south. This is another reference to symbolism that means that you have to take a new step in life to get your life moving in the correct direction.

As you can see, this number has different meanings depending on the individual but they all come back to restoring calmness and ambition into your life. By listening to the messages from the Universe you can restore balance to your life and advance to the next stage of your journey.

Angel Number 444 In Relationships & Love

We often get questions from readers who say they are in an intimate relationship or are in love and they begin seeing this number everywhere they go. They are curious of the number 444 and if it means anything about their relationship. As we previously discussed, this number means the universe is trying to tell you to focus on calmness and ambition to progress to the next stage of your life.

If you are in a relationship or in love with someone and you keep seeing the angel number 444 then it can signify that this person is the key to receiving calmness in your life. This could be your guardian angel telling you that this individual that you are in love with will help you progress to the next stage of your journey in life. They will help to restore calmness into your life and help motivate you to be ambitious in order to achieve everything you dream of.

If you are in love and you keep seeing the angel number 444 wherever you go then this is a sign that your guardian angel is trying to tell you to trust this individual that you are in love with. This number has a direct connection with your relationships whether it is with your soulmate or twin flame or it is a new friendships. This could even have an impact on the relationships you have with your family members.

What To Do When You See The Number 444

Now that you have a better understanding of the number and you know the meaning of it, you may wonder what you should do when you see 444. If you see the number 444 then it is important to take a second and understand that this is a sign and your guardian angel is attempting to give you a sign to think about restoring calmness and ambition into your life.

Often times when you are in a low point of your life it can be difficult to stay positive. But you should try to keep a positive mindset because the number 444 is a direct message from your angels letting you know that your life is going to improve soon. Or your guardian angel is trying to give you a hint on what you must do in order to get out of this tough point in your life. This can sometimes be difficult to understand exactly what you must do, but now you know that you need to be mindful of the number 444 and what it means.

It is important to allow your guardian angel to guide you through life by using the number 444. You have to listen to the signs they are giving you and trust their guidance. This number is considered to be an angel number for protection because it is a sign that the Universe is here to protect you.

444 Meaning In Numerology

When looking at the meaning of 444 from a purely numerology perspective you will see that this number represents a calming aurora. The number 4 is compared to the 4 legs of a table that keeps the table completely even and flat. Or the 4 corners of a map that tell its complete location. The number 4 is seen in a positive light in numerology because it symbolizes positive outcomes and often references completion.

Religious Meaning Of 444

When it comes to religion there are many different references and symbolism to the meaning of 444. Each religion has individual references and symbolism between the angel number and the number 4 in general.

Christianity & Symbolism In The Bible

In Christianity one of them most important symbols is the cross, which is made up of four parts. For Christians there are a total of four different gospels within the religion. Another connection with this number and the Bible is the four different horsemen referenced during the Old Testament when talking about the apocalypse.

Hinduism & Symbolism In The Vedas

In Hinduism there are many different connections with the number 4. For example there are four different aims of human life, four different stages of life for students, four different castes within the human society, as well as four different vedas in total. The holy book, The Vedas, is filled with connection and symbolism with this angel number.

Buddhism & Symbolism In The Tripitaka

In Buddhism there are considered to be four heavenly kingdoms, four different stages of enlightenment, four basic foundations of mindfulness, as well as four noble truths that are taught.

Judaism & Symbolism In The Torah

In Judaism there are four total questions that must be asked on the day of Passover, there are considered to be four total matriarchs of the religion, as well as Judaism claims that it requires four cups of wine to drink during the Passover.

444 Is An Unlucky Number In Some Cultures

The number 4, as well as the combination of 444 has different meanings depending on the country and the culture. Each culture has different traditions and this can cause the angel number to have different meanings.

In certain Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and China, the number 4 can be considered unlucky. This bad omen has nothing to do with the history of the number but it actually comes from how the number four sounds similarly to the word for “death” in their respective languages. This similar sound has lead to generations of cultures to believe that the number 4 is unlucky.

Firsthand Accounts Of Seeing 444

Jay-Z is one of the most well known recording artists and rappers to ever live. He is among millions of individuals around the world who have firsthand accounts of the 444 meaning. Jay-Z has an hip-hop album titled “4:44” because he has a firsthand account of seeing this number in his life. He has even talked about how seeing this number helped him when he was struggling in his career and personal life.

Jay-Z’s obsession with the number 444 started when he was struggling with writing new music and would have a difficult time sleeping through the night. For nearly a month straight he would wake up randomly in the night at exactly 4:44 AM. He woke up at the same time every day for nearly a month and when he woke up he claimed he wrote some of his best music. This is why he decided to name his album “4:44”.

Jay-Z saw the same angel number everyday for a month on end and this period of time was a turning point in his musical career as well as his personal life.

Angel Number 444 Video Tutorial

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